wholesale Donut supplier 

We supply some of Australia's largest franchises and Sydney's best cafes, restaurants, dessert bars, schools, supermarkets and more with our to-die-for sweet heavenly, Donuts, Cronuts and other sweet delights.

We manufacture and supply both fresh and frozen donuts for the Food Service Industry, supplying Nationally and Internationally.

Our work consists of;

*Fresh, daily made products delivered to your business via our company owned fleet,

or by one of our 14 distributors ;

* Product development to customers specifications on bulk supply;

 *Ready to sell, packaged, barcoded retail products (supermarkets and chains);

*Frozen boxed plain and finished donuts.

We are proud to hold HACCP & SQF Certification showing our commitment to producing high quality and safe products to a very strict and monitored standard.

If you are interested in our products, just hit the button below to send us an email. 



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